OPPO 103EU - Should it stay or should it go

Juzzie Wuzzie

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Sep 18, 2007
I'm the (proud) owner of an Oppo 103EU BRP which has sat dormant for five years or so. I'm wondering whether to sell it or not. Selling it yields some space and cash, but have wondered whether keeping it is sensible as it would allow playing of CDs / DVDs / BRs in the future. Further, it could make a good pre-amp if linked with some power amplification but ... I'm concerned that it doesn't have (other than HDMI / USB) any digital inputs so would like to ask the following questions:

1. could a media streamer (Wiim Pro / NAD CS-1 / etc) be connected via HDMI using an HDMI to optical converter at the streamer end (as no streamers seem to have HDMI out); or
2. alternatively, could a streamer be connected via the USB 2.0 inputs?

My vision to keep it would be, at some point, to use it as a processer in a 3.1 set up with sources of Fire TV stick or equivalent; and a media streamer for audio.

Thoughts, suggestions and constructive criticism welcomed!


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Jul 27, 2007
I guess if it has sat dormant for 5 years or so that it wouldn't be too badly missed. However, if you do happen to have a number of discs you wish to play as you're feeling the urge again, it's a lot harder without a player...😉
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Fire TV Cube will take care of all your streaming needs. It also has an extra HDMI, so you could still add an extra device if needed.

By streaming, do you mean from, say, Spotify or streaming from a NAS drive?


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