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Aug 10, 2019
hi can anyone tell me the max res i can get through the silly component vga cable on my silly tv. i try to select 1080p on the xbox but it keeps defaulting back to 480p. oh and will this tv do high res at 60hz

cheers kev

ps is there a hdmi cable availible for the normal xbox.


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Jun 28, 2007
To be able to get 1080p from a pre HDMI XBOX 360 you need to use a VGA cable and not the COMPONENT cable it came with, the max you can send is 1080i via the component but beware as some screens dont like 1080p via a VGA but these VGA cables are on EBAY for about a fiver.

Unfortuneatly there is no way of putting HDMI on a older 360 apart from exchanging it for a HDMI unit at a cost to yourself somewhere like you local GAME store, but to be honest I had my 360 replaced by Microsoft as it had gone wrong 3 times (due to over use to be honest) and I have had a new unit back with HDMI andwhen I compared the image via component and HDMI there is nothing in it really.

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