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How to Setup a 4K TV


Buying a 4K TV alone does not guarantee the best audio and visual experience. You need a proper setup including quintessential side equipment and balanced TV settings. You need to take care of three things namely connectors, accessories and most importantly TV settings. Follow the easy steps below to enjoy a seamless experience on your new 4K TV.

Step 1 Choosing the right cables
You need a suitable quality of cables that delivers the best results. The normal HDMI cables will not cater to the needs. To be able to access the best quality graphics, use high-speed HDMI cables and a high-quality RCA connector wherever necessary.


It is worth noting that you always use the high-speed HDMI cable for output ports.


Step 2
Use the right accessories

You need certain digital accessories such as a soundbar for the best results. Your 4K TV is designed to deliver magical graphics. However, to enhance the overall TV watching experience, you need to couple the device with sound systems such as a soundbar or a home theatre system. If you have placed the TV in a bigger room/hall, home theatre should be your choice of the sound system.


Step 3
Find the perfect picture settings

You need to apply the best suitable picture filters and settings on your TV. Here is how you can do it.

[*] Select the picture mode from the TV guide.


[*] Choose from different modes available, the movie picture mode delivers the best graphics in any case.


[*] Next, select Expert Settings in the Picture menu.

[*] Under Expert Settings, you can adjust the brightness and backlight. Do not forget to turn off the Auto Motion Smoothing option.


You are now ready to enjoy the best audio and visual graphics on your big 4K TV. Similarly, settings can be updated any time as per requirements.


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