Schitt Mani phono preamp (not the Mani 2) - quick review


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May 30, 2015
So, I won a Schitt Mani in a competition recently, and it arrived the other day. Now, as per the title, this isn't the new Mani 2, but the original from a few years ago.

Currently, I use a Musical Fidelity X-LP which dates from way back in 1997 and it's still a cracking phono stage, Eye catching build (tubular) and a really open and engaging sound to it. The newer (2016) Schiit Mani is rather smaller - think the width of an Apple TV maybe - and maybe the length of your hand almost, in silver, and you're there.

I won't be using this with my MC Benz Micro for a while, but I've used it for a while with the AT-VM540ML on the Cambridge Alva ST deck. It's a really good listen, not hugely different from the Musical Fidelity it appears, but has a much smaller footprint. You can get them used for about £80-90, or alternatively, go for the Mani 2 and you'll hand over around £180 for a new one.

Build quality is very good - but the white power light could double up as an aircraft landing light in the right circumstances. There's a nicely finished toggle power switch to the rear and a hefty grounding connection too. Very impressed. I'll probably keep both phono stages for a while too I think.

But what a nice surprise to win something neat like this!
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