Cable recommendation from Phono to Integrated amp (~40ft)


Jul 17, 2023

New to this hobby, first post, and need a little help. I'm building a listening room/home theater and ideally I'd like to place my turntable/phone on the opposite wall of my other equipment. Because of this I will need to run a low capacitance RCA from the phono to integrated amp which will be roughly a 40ft run. The room is 14x18 and I'd like to run the cables in the walls while I have them open. Can anyone recommend a quality, semi modestly priced, cable for this length? I do anticipate changing/upgrading/acquiring more gear as I continue with this journey, but for now this is my set up.

TT - Fluence RT 85

Phono - Schitt Mani 2

Integrated Amp - Emotiva TA2

Speakers - GR Research NX Studio & Kef R3 (just got a crazy open box deal from BestBuy, $310 for the pair!)

Subs - 2x REL HT/1003 MKII

Thanks and appreciate any help!


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Oct 12, 2007
That's a very long cable run and far in excess of what most dealers would recommend. I've heard of long speaker cable runs, but never this distance between amp and phono stages.
Many will argue that sound degradation at that distance is negligible and can't really be heard.
I'm not so sure. As Al mentions, maybe give your planned layout a review before you commit either way?


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Yes, ideally you'd have the conventional, shorter run of cable.
Twin CT100 type cable.
I saw it for as little as 36p per metre + VAT online.
Get 13 metres, fit 4 RCA plugs - compare it to a short cable before installing it in the wall.
If you can hear a difference.....change your plans.
(Use on output, not input of phono preamp).
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