Playing my iPod through a stereo


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Sep 8, 2011
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Hello everyone,

I've looking around and can not decide on what to do so thought I'd turn to you. I am planning on playing my iPod through a hifi of some sort because I don't overly like the look of an iPod dock. My problem is should I go for a system like the Denon M38 that comes with speakers or the Marantz C603 and buy seperate speakers such as the MX1's of Dalis 1s or buy a seperate amplifier such as the Rega Brio-R and then hook it up to a dock such as the Pure Digitital i20 or the Arcam r-Dock and a set of the aforementioned speakers.

I haven't really got round to thinking about how much I want to spend yet which doesn't really help, but I couldn't decide on what sort of setup. I don't play CD's so don't need a CD player which makes me think that a seperate amp would be better.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts and what experience you might have.




Many ways to do it but to get best results make sure whatever amp or dock accesses your ipod digitally. That means you need it to bypacc the ipod DAC and grab the original digital file. The Pure Dock certainly does, not sure about the Denon.

Not every dock/amp performs this function unfortunately