pioneer vs panasonic


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Aug 10, 2019
hello everybody!

having recently completed an extension i had my heart set on a 50' plasma as the highlight to my living room and after reading through countless reviews i had my heart set on the pana TH50PZ70B, which i found to be a good combo of quality and value. as i was ready to order, news came through that the new 08 panasonic range was just weeks away and so naturally i should just wait and see what the new sets would bring.

however, and more temptingly, i noticed the price of the pioneer PDP508XD has steadily come down in price- to as low as £1800 - which is only £300 more than what i would have paid for the pana. had i ordered.

so the dilemma is: should i wait to see the reviews on the new pana 50', or pay that little bit more and go for the pioneer, as that is widely regarded as the best tv around?

any inside info on the new pana 50' would be most welcome, thanx.


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Dec 5, 2007
Being a Pioneer owner, I can wholeheartedly recommend the 50" Kuro - I would've bought one myself a couple of months ago if I could've fitted it into my living room but had to settle for the 42". However, if you can afford to wait it may well be worthwhile. The new Panasonics could well come closer to the Pioneers for picture quality and offer good value for money. They boast better contrast ratio and better motion handling along with more accurate colour reproduction. Also, in the intervening time the 508XD is sure to have come down in price even more. Hopefully, in the near future you might even be able to do a side by side comparison. If the picture processing on the Panasonic has improved enough to actually take full advantage of its 1080p resolution, it could be a close run thing. If you can't wait, I'd go for the Pioneer.


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