what was the best TV ever made?

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Jun 26, 2023
Aw thanks Vincent Kars - I could happily live with that.
I didn`t have a colour telly until I was in my mid-thirties - out of choice.
I had a very good stereo , loads of books and a sax and I was never in so I didn`t need or want one.

I`ve not watched broadcast TV for over 25 years and don`t miss it one bit.
I hardly watch English language films anymore - they are so lowest common denominator, predictable and boring.

A lovely friend gave me a pocket transistor LW/MW that is from 1960 and it works great.

I just bought a pocket shortwave radio for forty quid and it is fun - It is going to Calpe, Spain on Monday together with my tenor sax.

I am not taking the laptop or my Dali Katch - no need - I`ll be live.Time to unplug - the sax doesn`t need batteries either.

Because I`ve zigged and zagged - lived in and visited over 60 Countries I know that American and British is not the majority in the World - there is another 200+ Countries out there.People should unplug, travel and read more.
My teacher said in 1972 that television damages your brain - she was right.

RADIOS - SUMMER 2023.jpg
RADIOS - JULY 2023.jpg
I like radios the best out of all my electrical junk.
Since 1972 - I`ve had hundreds - I`m not exaggerating - I can mend stereos, TV`s etc and have been programming and building computers since 1980 so I collected lots of kit.
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You're straying into politics there, which isn't permitted I'm afraid.

And I'm afraid I was being flippant.

FWIW, I don't agree that popular culture has dumbed down - there's an awful lot of rubbish out there, but for a laymen's level analysis of how much of popular culture has become richer and more complex, I'd recommend Steven Johnson's Everything Bad is Good for you. The idea is counterintuitive, but the many examples described are factual and logical.
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Oct 14, 2013
I own both the VT 10 years old and OLED now 5 years old Panasonic, and both have amazing pictures. The VT is great for sky viewing in the bedroom. I’m now looking at a new TV for the main room and want DV and HDR10+ so it looks like it will be Panasonic again… I know there are other brands but I am a panny fan.. anyway, plasma was amazing and still is, but OLED is even better and technology has improved!

The TV in my avatar is Toshiba 36” CRT and cost me 2K back 2002, it was massive and had an internal sub woofer!!
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