pioneer pdp-436xde doesnt play hd images properly!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a pioneer 436xde and ps3 connected via hdmi, but for some reason when i tell the ps3 to play the images at 1080i the tv plays them at 1125i. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to sort this out because when im playings games or watching movies i get jagged edges around things on the screen which is very annoying. i also have the same problem when i configure the ps3 at 720p ; when its 720p the tv plays it at 750p. i've tryed changing the hdmi cable but that hasnt done anything and i've also used my second hdmi port on the tv and its the same story again.


Relax. It's Pioneer's terminology at work, not additional video scaling. The '436XDE is displaying 1080i at 1080i, 720p at 720p and so on. Changing cables or ports won't do anything.

Why use these descriptions when they cause so much confusion? I've asked Pioneer several times, and the closest I can get to an answer is that each term refers to 'hidden' lines of data stored within each resolution. For example, watch TV or play a DVD, and the Pioneer reports them back as 625i or 625p, depending on whether you're deinterlacing your DVD signals. However, the active image content in either picture amounts to 'only' 576 lines.


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