Philips AVR9900 (NAD T747) terrible dissapointment. Help me find a decent upgrade.


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've been running a Denon AVR3802 for about two years now and finally decided to upgrade. I spotted a nice deal and bought a new Philips AVR9900 brand new in box.

Setting up the receiver was terrible, probably one of the worst menus I have seen even though it was supposed to be simple. Far from it..

When I had everything up and running I decided to spin a few discs.

I've never been more dissapointed, the sound is downright boring and lack dynamics. I don't know if the Denon I had is truly that good or the Philips such a bad match for my speakers but gosh this is underwhelming.

Keane Live: the expansive sound, reverberating vocals in the O2 Arena are gone
The Dark Night: opening sequence, glass shattering not as ear shattering as before.
Pixies - Surfer Rosa - Where is my mind: Vocals don't extend nearly as wide and deep

I could go on and on, fact of the matter is that even though I traded up to a receiver which is 8 years younger and does HDMI features etc, I'm just downright dissapointed by the outcome.

Do you have any suggestions as to what might be a decent upgrade? Would love to hear from you guys!


what was so wrong with the denon that you decided to upgrade? it sounds like you were happy with the sound of the denon, so i would start with auditioning one of their current models in your price range


Been bitten by the upgrade bug, I wanted more ease of use (i.e. route everything through the AVR via HMDI) and obviously a better sound. Been watching quite some movies lately and finally wanted to make the most of all the DTS-HD en Dolby TrueHD tracks on my Blu-Ray's.


If connected through HDMI, indeed the sound quality is rather 'flat' when playing straight CD's.

When connecting the multi-player (Oppo) to the analog input, the sound is OK.