Time for an Upgrade I think from Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6T


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Feb 20, 2008
Hi All - I would like some advice please on upgrading my speakers. I currently have Tannoy Revolution Signature - DC6T (Front) DC6 (Centre) and DC4 (Rears) all running from a Pioneer LX85 receiver (And a Velodyne SPL1000 Ultra Sub) . I do love this system but I do have a fundamental issue with it. The issue is that if something has been recoded very well then the system sings and sounds superb. However, when something is recorded badly it sounds absolutley terrible - in other words it is very revealing.

When I visit my parents house my Dad has a pair of very old 1970s Monitor Audio speakers (Quite large things!) and everything seems to sound superb! very sweet mids and quite laid back in terms of the overall sound which a top end with an incredible level of clarity. I apriciate this set up is geared up for music listening but I wanted something whcih would produce something that had similar aproach.

The top end on the Tannoys is very impressive but it can be a little 'harsh' and doesnt seem to have the same level of clarity as the system at my parents.

I have been looking at the Monitor Audio Gold 300 and just wondered if this would be a direction I should be looking as a result of the above. I should add that my system will ultimatley be 50% for TV/Movies and 50% for music listeing - whether it be on CD or 5:1 blu-ray audio - so I intend to eventually upgrade the other speakers but for now it would just be the fronts.



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Aug 28, 2015
In my humble opinion the problem could be the amp and not your speakers. Do you have a 2 channel amp with which to play the same badly recorded tracks and then see if the sound from the speakers sound different.

I also feel that upgrading the speakers to the more revealing gold 300's will accentuate the problem further.


The weak link in your system is your pioneer so replace not your amazing speakers


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