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Jul 24, 2020
Hi All

Its my 40th next year and a great excuse to start upgrading my speakers. I currently have Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6T L+R, DC6 Centre and DC4 running in 5:1 with a Velodyne SPL1000 Ultra Sub. I will obviously audition but wonder if anyone thinks Monitor Audio Gold 200 would be a good upgrade? I would then slowly replace the other speakers with MA Gold series. I love the Velodyne sub but finally I may replace that with the MA Platinum sub? This is all running through a Denon X6400H AV receiver. Ive always thought the Tannoys were great for movies and TV but never really did it for me for music listening in stereo, they seem to lack any kind of mid frequency detail and vocals seem to struggle. SO Looking for something that can cope with movies and music playback well.


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Sub wise DONT DO IT, Velodyne makes subs and that's all they do and it's a B@£$Dy good subwoofer the drive is massive and well designed. If you want "improvements" look at SVS and REL Stay away from speaker manufacturers subs. More can be had for less money.

As for speakers really that's only a question you can answer when you audition some options.

Tannoy and MA offer very different sounds what is that you weren't happy. I'd also argue that it might the amp holding back the music, I've never been happy with av receivers with music. Even these days you have to make a choice between a dedicated stereo amp and av amp. 2k on a stereo amp will far outperform an AV amp by a long shot for music replay. In my experience, anyhow.
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