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Mar 23, 2022
I've found that only one speaker of mine will work at a time, the left when only the left is plugged in works fine but once the right one is in only the right one works. Unsure on how to approach to fix, only thing i know to be wrong is that I'm missing a bridge connector between the high/low frequency inputs on the right speaker.


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Mar 23, 2022
You're right that it's wrong Vanly🙂
Clear pictures of the wiring to your amp and both speakers will help, if you can do it.
great thanks Gray,
obviously I'm pretty new to this and appreciate the help. are these photos good enough? AM aware im missing a bridge connector between the high and low frequency but pretty sure this isn't the problem as the speaker does work plugged in or not. Also FYI the tape indicates that its the positive cable


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Photos are fine thanks.
To say you've got a rare symptom there, would be an understatement.

Bit of a long shot but have you got any spare speakers?
Have you got a meter to test resistance?
If you have, just disconnect and measure the resistance of each of your Kefs, with the links still in place.
How many ohms and are both speakers pretty much the same reading?


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Sep 24, 2008
Replace the link on the speaker with a short piece of speaker cable rather than tin foil.
Make sure the balance control on the amp is set to the centre position, and only speaker B output is selected, which will allow you to move into troubleshooting.
Follow the list below until you locate the problem (You may not need to go through the full list to identify the fault)
1. Disconnect both speakers at the amplifier terminals
2. Connect the left speaker to the left terminal and see if you get sound out, if not either the speaker, cable or amp is faulty
3. Disconnect the left speaker and connect the right speaker to the left channel and see if you get sound out, if still the same result as 2 then the amp is at fault or if it now works then the left speaker and/or cable is faulty
4. Follow 1 to 3 above but this time using the right channel
Once completed (You may not need to go through all of 1 to 4) you will know exactly where the fault is, and can then concentrate on whether you can fix it yourself or take it in for repair.
Have fun



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