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  1. R

    Speaker for turntable Denon

    Hey! I'm have turntable Denon DP-400 and I want to buy speakers for it, I looked on the Internet and in this post they advise Audioengine but their price is 700 dollars, is there anything cheaper from active speakers, but with good sound? I don't understand good sound at all, is it really...
  2. F

    Matching entry level speakers with amplifier and a cheap turntable?

    Hello friends, I have decided to spend somewhere near 800€ and I have done some reasearch, Here is what I have come up with: Denon PMA-600NE Amplifier 400$ Pro-Ject Audio Primary E 230$ Dali Spektor 2 210$ I am not aware (since this is my first audio setup) if my amp is a good match for my...
  3. A

    Question Advice on second hand Sonus Faber Venere 1.5

    Dear Forum members, hi! This is my first post, and I am very new to the hifi world, but eager to learn more :) I write here because I would like some advice on the purchase of a pair of speakers. Since I am just starting, I was looking into the second hand market, with the idea of putting...
  4. kingbeto

    I have £ ~5k and no idea how to spend them. Please help!

    Hello! I'm a super fan of WHF. I always read and watch every single review. As a loyal follower, I bought and assembled my first setup according to all recommendations in the website. I am very happy with the results, really. Thanks a lot for helping me to have almost 10 years of musical...