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Forum discussion tagged with help.
  1. C

    Question Best integrated (as best as possible without overkill) matching Focal Aria 906

    Hi! I've finally stopped on Focal Aria 906 (with my rack). What is (at least to your ears) the best matching integrated for it? What will be not an overkill yet? (as I've chosen a lower-end set of speakers because of placement now need to rethink about a truly outstanding amp for it to make it...
  2. csukosd

    Question Need Help Getting Started

    Hello, I am new to HiFi and I would like to setup a small bedroom in my house. I know a couple items I want but just don't know what else I need. I'm not extremely picky and I am on a average Joe budget (4k to 5k). I would like to purchase a pair of JBL - L82 Bookshelf Speakers. As far as an...
  3. Marcos Bathroom

    Question What speaker series and product is this a part from?

    I need some help in identifying the make and model of this unorthodox empty speaker cast that I acquired many years ago at work. I used to work for a Refinish coatings company and this was sent as a sample to match for colour. It came in a B&W spare parts box and has the reference 6160-1 or...