Nordost cable.


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May 4, 2008
Some says is bright and sterile, some love its detail and slam, some say its bass light and it seems to split opinion even from user reviews though it coukld be very system dependent and highlights flaws in said system.

Any users out there of any of the Nordost range old or new who can shed some light.


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Mar 30, 2011
I use Nordost SPM speaker cable , I bought it second hand for 25% of the new price but it was still expensive :)

I can't hear much difference tonally to any other speaker cable I have tried and it is definitely not bass light or brighter than anything else .

The main difference or improvement I find using the SPM is that the image and soundstage seem to have more width and depth and the decay of the music notes seems to be more apparent and natural and are not masked by other sounds that come after them .

How on earth this works I don't know I sure some people will say I am imagining it but I don't mind it has been doing it for me for about 6 years now and every time I try and change back to a conventional speaker cable it only stays in for short period before I change it back , but I have to check every now and then :grin:


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Jul 27, 2008

I think it can be system dependant, I think they often show the weaknesses in ones system. If your system already is bright it will reveal that. I have the Nordost blue heaven (NBH), and it depended what source I put it with.

I have kimber and chord cables and when I changed to NBH I too found it opened up the soundstage (deeper/more spacial) with more inner detail especially at the top end with faster punchier bass but at the same time the sound was a little leaner with a little less warmth to the sound. I found the NBH was great with my valve pre. (Hi Electro)




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May 6, 2005

I use the nordost Solar Wind and Red dawn interconnects. I certainly don't consider them bass light, especially the Red Dawn. I do think that they are very transparent cables in terms of sound. How different they are compared to 'normal' cables I don't really know.

Two things to be aware of though, one, the Solar Winds (and I guess other Nordost cables of similar construction) are not the most robust of cables and care has to be taken when removing them from the component. I have had to have two cables repaired / replaced by Nordost. They can grip the phono socket extremely tightly which makes them difficult to remove and it is easy to damage them. The red dawn cables have the locking plugs on them so I have not had this problem.

Secondly, they can pick up interference. I have had to be very careful with routing them and keep them as far away as possible from mains cables and power supplies.

As with all these things it will come down to system matching and personal taste, although I do believe that more work is required with the flat cables due to the potential for interference.

My thoughts anyway

Kind Regards



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Feb 22, 2010
I haven't listened to most of the range and my experience is limited to Black Knight interconnects (discontinued) which brought huge levels of detail, openness and slam to my system when they replaced the standard interconnects that came with my CD player. Certainly not warm. I found the sound to just be very clean, fast and detailed, but one man's neutral is probably another's sterile.

In my current system I am using Nordost Flatline Gold speaker cable. It is purely copper, and I don't find it to be too different to other copper cable. Just slightly more detailed and lacking a little of the mid/upper bass warmth that I get from my Oyaide Tunami speaker cable. Certainly not bass light, but I can see how people looking for some warmth and used to a little bloom on their bass might call it bass light or cold.

I'd love to have a listen to the latest incarnation of the Blue Heaven speaker cable in my system, but can't justify the expense at the moment.

I like Nordost, but I think I like detail, speed, slam and openness in my system so it works well for me. I've also often had it paired with kit like the Arcam Alpha 9 amp (which seems to be known for its warmth), so it has created a good balance.


I'm considering using Nordost flatline in a run of 6 metres, but unsure whether it will be compatible, with my Naim NAP 140 - Mordant Short Avants

Any advice? or maybe someone could recommend an alternative flat cable.


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