Picking a budget amp

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Feb 8, 2023
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Hello all,

I am picking a budget-friendly amp and I would like to know your opinions. Here are some candidates at the moment:
- NAD C328 (used, 350 €)
- Marantz PM6005 (used, 300 €)
- Yamaha S-A301 (new, 400 €)
- Older amp like Sony TA-F 530 ES (used, about 150-200 €)

The system will be used for music listening in my 5x4 m living room. It's going to drive Dali Zensors 1, with a possible later upgrade to Zensor 3 or similar. I am going to add a Wiim Mini for Airplay streaming and use its digital output (except with Sony where only analogue connection is possible).

Currently I have a little Denon M39 with the Zensors and I find them quite nice, although slightly inclined to the bright side, presumably because of the Denon signature.

WHF dislikes NAD C338, although other reviews seem to praise it. C328 is the only one here with class D and, judging by many online sources, there should not be a noticeable difference in SQ vs. the AB class in this price range nowadays. Marantz seems like a good bet also. Yamaha wins with the looks and has quite good opinions in the value-for-money section. ES is here because of the occasional nice comments and the lower price that also allows for upgrade in some other element.

What do you think?
Marantz sound great well built Simple .