New TH37PX80 Issues?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Well after much reading on here and other forums I decided to splash out on a 37PX80, first new TV in about 10 years if not longer!

I picked it up yesterday and I won't go through the entire saga except I have had a few issues getting my existing "aged" kit connected to the TV. Anyway, here are the issues I have at the moment, appreciate any feedback from other 37PX80 owners etc... Need to decide if the TV has a fault!
[*] Could not get a signal from my V+ box using component cables [*] If I turn the volume up to half way or above I get a hum from the speakers [*] Watching "dark" scenes I see a horzontal band, about 2 inches thick, progressing from the top of the screen to the bottom slowly and repeatedly [*] Images from SD sources such as DVD and V+ (connected via scart) show some ghosting
Being my first flat screen I now have mixed feelings about whether I was right to upgrade based on the fact that I can't afford to buy a blue-ray player or PS3 etc...

Anyone else had issues as above?


When you connected the component cables from the V+ box, did you change to HD component output?

The box outputs, SCART or component or HDMI and you have to choose which you want.


Did you not get a hdmi lead when you upgraded to V+. For some unearthly reason I got one at install then 2 more in the post.


Chris, sounds like you got a lemon mate. I'd send it straight back for an exchange if I were you.

I've had mine for coming on a week now, I've posted up some of my thoughts on it in another thread entitled Panasonic TH37PX80 performance.

I'm sorry to hear you've not had a good experience so far.

I've experienced no 'horizontal band' and I just nipped downstairs to crank up the volume and check for hum, which there was none of (I switched to an empty AV input and cranked it all the way).

My SD viewing experience has been very pleasant indeed, have you made sure you've switched your DVD player and V+ box over to RGB and using fully wired scart cables? Edit: just read what the other guys wrote about your V+ being HDMI (I don't have one).

From the sounds of it though, you got a friday afternoon PX80 which needs swapping for one that works properly. Hope you get the problem resolved quickly and painlessly.

John Duncan

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tbh, all these issues sound like the kind of picture you'd get from any TV with a poor signal - are you using quality cables? I mean not necessarily 50 quid ones, but definitely somehting bought rather than free in the box - my first ever DVD player was awful (couldn't believe it) until I bought a SCART cable, rather than using the one that came in the box..........


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