Nad c326 Bee + Monitor Audio Rx6 (Got them today)

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Just to wrap up this thread (again for people searching through the forums. I hate it when people leave the ending of the story up in the air and disappear).

It's been 9 days now since I've had the system. At this point, a lot of things have changed. I've got curtains up along the glass windows that I had, I've moved the speakers around. I've actually let the speakers run through loaner Arcam and loaner Naim systems.

In any case, at this point, I'm happy with what I'm hearing: The Arcam rDac + Nad C326Bee + Monitor Audio Rx6 combination does sound just fine!

The speakers needed a good 10 days of running until the brightness went away. (The curtains in the room + rug probably helped too).

The Nad 326 Amp can the run the speakers fine. Beyond 10 O clock mark, however, (it's already too loud at that point), distortion starts kicking in. I don't see myself running it louder than that in any case.

Good amount of bass, shrillness is gone, everything is kosher.

Like Plastic Penguin suggested earlier, with a brand new system, reserve judgement atleast for 2 weeks.

The only thing that bothers me at this point are the price points: the rDac and the Nad326Bee were for around $500 each. The speakers were for $1250. The optimality of this configuration are a matter for a different discussion. (And I've got a different thread for that).