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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all, i have a collection of music on about 300 mini discs that i want to upload via my PC to my itunes library.

I have visited loads of places but no one seems to think there is a device available that is able to do this. Short of recording all of my discs onto CD then ripping them onto itunes does anyone have any ideas?




Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the response. I don't know how to record to the computer as my mini disc does not have a USB connection. Is there a way to it anologue?

Many thanks


I have the same problem, and have been casting around for a solution to this for ages.

There do seem to be some possibilities:

a) Some/all HiMD portables support upload via USB, but only via Sony's godawful SonicStage software, and only in Sony's proprietory .omg/.oma format. There is/was a tool to convert these into .wav files, but the link doesn't seem to work any more - should be findable somewhere on t'internet though.

b) More promisingly, if you have a full size Minidisk machine with an optical out, you can connect to somethiing like this which is obsolete now (though available on eBay for about £5),but should be equivalents that take an optical feed in from the MD, eg The soundcard market changes so rapidly, that you'll need to check what is available when you're ready to buy. Still limited to transferring at 1x speed, but at least this avoids 1 A-D and 1 D-A conversion on the way, so should sound a hell of a lot better.

Having said that, if you've got a HiFi MD deck, and a HiFi CD Recorder, recording them all to CD would be a PITA but might be the most productive way to go!


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