Qobuz App on PC not showing Chromecast speaker groups.


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If I'm using the Qobuz App on a PC, it shows the individual Chromecast devices but it doesn't show any Chromecast soeakergroups I've created.
I tried it on my Mini iPad as well and initially it was the same but after a while it did show the groups, they also show up in Tidal and Amazon Music so it is specific to Qobuz.

I've had some other issues with Qobuz before which made me swap out a Nokia Beacon range extender / access point for a TP Link one which resolved it.
If I was attached to the same Wifi network as as one of the Chromecast devices is attached to, I could see only that device and not the other 3 connected via ethernet.
If I swapped to an ethernet connected PC, I could see the devices that were wired but not the one that was connected via Wifi .... this was resolved when I changed teh access point.

Anybody else experiencing the same or ideas what it may be, I've been a Amazon subscriber for a while but looking to switch so currently reviewing Qobuz and Tidal as alternatives, not being able to see speaker groups or it being intermittent would be a knockout for me.


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Apr 5, 2024
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I had trouble getting Qobuz to Chromecast from my iPhone to my smart speaker. Often the speaker just beeped and did nothing. When it did connect it tended to stop part way through a track. I think its acknowledged that Qobuz's casting is a bit iffy at present.