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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys and girls.

Im new to this forum and am after some advice. I have recently upgraded my amp from the Marantz pm7200 (an excellent amp) to the PM17. Just wondering if anyone has listened to these two amps, and am interested to hear your views on each? The pm17 seems to be far more detailed, has better timing and bags of power (in a refined package) but doesnt seem to sound as "sweet" as the pm7200.

Also thinking of upgrading my Acoustic Energy EVO1's to the quad 11l's, I like the imaging and wide soundstaging which they are praised for... Do you think these will match the amp? The rest of my system consists of Marantz cd63se, pure DRX702, Project Debut, Partington dreadnought stands and the Partington mimim rack!

Cheers All.


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Sep 9, 2007
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hello and welcome,i cant help with your speaker choice but have owend the 7200 and heard the pm17.liked them both but prefered the 7200 in class a mode.i would stick with the evo's for the time being and maybe audition more speakers in the future from the likes of epos and present favourite at the moment is the rega r3.the monitor audio range gets good press here but i've not heard all the range so cant give an informed opinion.i'm sure another more knowledgeable member will be along shortly to help with your speaker query.


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Jul 28, 2007
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PM17 mk2 with rega R3 any day. Smooth and revealing....should be good. If the fund allow the Marantz is good enough for R5 and R7 too.


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