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Aug 10, 2019
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Has anyone got any thoughts on this TV? It got a good review on HD-TV Guide website, especially when it came to SD images.

Just wondered if any owners out there with views?

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Review of it in our current issue - up against 7 other sets in a budget 32in Supertest.

Here's our review:

LG 32LB75

4 stars

Stylish design and swivel stand; three HDMI inputs; bright, colourful pictures; smooth motion; good detail recovery

Some blocking with digital TV and video images; our test sample didn't go very loud

This stylish member of LG's Design Art range is a highly capable TV, but you can buy better performance for the money

This LG is a TV fit for any living room. Coming from the company's Design Art range, it certainly looks the part in a gloss-black finish. It's very well specified, with a forward-thinking three HDMI inputs, HD Ready, 1366 x 768 resolution, and digital and analogue tuners. The LG can also cope with being fed a 1080p/24fps signal.

Settling down in front of a little dismal daytime TV, we are comforted by the quality of the picture. There's occasional digital noise and blocking, but the overall image is colourful and sharp.

Switch over to video, and we attempt to squeeze out a few laughs with the DVD of not-a-patch-on-the-first-one Shrek the Third. Our green hero is carefully rendered, with excellent attention to detail, bold, vivid colours and rigidly drawn edges. Fast motion is smooth too, and only some interjections of noise into tricky backgrounds breaks our enjoyment.

Sound is clear and detailed, but it doesn't go very loud, so bear that in mind if you plan to use only the TV's speakers (rather than those of a home cinema system - LG's matching HT762TZ would suit nicely here).

Sending HD content via HDMI only improves the outlook. Fine insight into skin tones and murky corners makes for a more involving experience. Showing Flags of our Fathers on Blu-ray, the LG demonstrates clean, crisp whites, and only when pushed against the best in class does the occasional instability, with some instances of noise, make an unwelcome addition to the picture.

When we originally reviewed this LG for our January 2008 issue, we awarded it five stars, but newer, slightly superior competition forced us reassess the LG 32LB75.

While it remains a good-looking TV, capable of brilliant, involving images, the occasional hints of noise and instability mean it has to come down a star. It's no longer in pole position, but write this LG off at your peril.

Tech specs:
Type: LCD
Aspect ratio: 16:9
HD ready: Yes
Full HD: No
Screen size: 32
Resolution: 1366x768
Accepts 1080p: Yes
24fps: Yes
Analogue tuner: Yes
Digital tuner: Yes
HDMI in: 3
Component in: 1
RGB Scart in:1
Scart in: 1
Composite in:1
Dimensions (hwd, cm): 62x81x28
Weight (kg): 14.8


Thanks for the quick reply Clare.

You mentioned blocking on digital channels, I watch SD through a Freeview PVR rather than Sky or cable, is that the type of digital channels you mean.


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