is the Arcam rcube good value at £350?

Rich F

New member
Feb 7, 2008
I want an ipod dock and see that the rcube has now lost a star in its rating.

Is the rcube good value at £350 or should i be looking at Monitor Audio i-dock or Geneva Lab model S?

The rcube would be ideal as it is small and can be used without a mains lead - two features that i would appreciate.

Would i be wasting my money on the rcube or at £350 is it a good buy?

Clare Newsome

New member
Jun 4, 2007
I would definitely audition all 3 - and have a listen to B&W Zeppelin Mini at this price, too.

But the Arcam is unique in this company for its true portability - and ability to work wirelessly without needing a wi-Fi network (just dongles); that gives it yet more flexibility of use. The price cut and firmware update help,too. When you audition it, look out for the bass switch on back - flicking that on/off (depending on room position) can make big difference to sound.


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i personally think its a waste, i bought a silk audio reco and couldnt be happier with it, it is smaller and runs on usb or battery, and the sound quality is great