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Is it just me? But Technics 300eur CDP is better than Naim CD5x

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Oct 16, 2008
Ahem, excuse me Mr Ranty, this is a four year old thread, I don't think anyone will be listening now...


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Mar 3, 2010
why is it a joke to use a laptop as a source...just shows ignorance of the subject matter.

EDIT oh and three posts in seven years, two of them a rant. Well done.

the record spot

glenaim said:
You know NOTHING at all about hifi or music or good sound.you listen to music off of a laptop- what a joke.i have got an lp12/lingo 2/ ekos2/arkiva and a cdi cd player a 82 preamp,140 power amp and proac studio 140 speakers. The source will ALWAYS be the determining factor in the quality of your music system
On LP perhaps, but on CD, what is there that a Linn CD player can get extra that a computer drive couldn't?

Never yet have I uploaded a disc to copy to hard drive that in replay sounded the poorer. Some of the best playback I heard yet was off a 4GB TDK flash drive with four WAV tracks for a demo I had a couple of years back.

With vinyl your assumption is probably right, but digital has been done and dusted for years. The basic abilities to read 1s and 0s off a CD has been a gimme for ages. Speakers and amp have the greater sway here.


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Apr 8, 2011
I agree with the record spot. Digital sources you're looking at relatively subtle differences. And an ultra budget digital source should still get the fundamentals of pitch accuracy, stability, tonal balance, dynamics right. You're then talking about fairly subtle differences in naturalness and clarity. For analogue sources the source is about equally as important as the speakers. Price and sound quality in analogue sources and speakers are largely independent of each other - so it's not as if you can set some budgetary guidelines for best overall system sound quality. And then there's the amplification. I've heard some not so good amps spoiling what would otherwise have been a fine sounding system.



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