IEM recommendations please


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Mar 13, 2004
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I am looking for my first pair of wired earphones.

I have done quite a bit of research but am bewildered by the number of different IEMs available.

My budget is £100, and will be playing via a Hip Dac v2 linked to my MacBook or iPhone. I am not a basshead but value a decent soundstage.

Does anyone have any recommendations please?


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I tend to gravitate to Sennheiser, so you could look at the IE 100 Pro (wired).
You could also look at the Shure SE215, which could be a better option.

I'd poke around sites like RTINGs and Soundguys. There are a few relatively no name Chinese manufacturers producing decent models and reasonable prices.

Currently my wired IEMs are RHA MA750, which are no longer available. Sound is good, comfort is great, cable is a tangle nightmare.

Mostly I use bluetooth when out an about and open-back Headphones when indoors. Open-back headphones do give a much better soundstage but leak sound. The Sennheiser HD560S would be an obvious choice if a bit over budget at £150. The HD599SE would be a lesser alternative but I can pretty much guarantee will be under budget, soon on Amazon. (Amazon have recently bumped the price of the HD599SE so they can show a bargain during their various upcoming sales! I predict somewhere around £80.)


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Mar 12, 2023
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I've bought multiple pairs from the Sennheiser Outlet. Advertised as refurbished, but clearly all been brand new and a marketing gimmick imo.

A quick look shows these in budget. Senn make some decent headphones too.



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