Newbie advice - Wired vs wireless for Hi Res music


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Feb 11, 2022
I am after some advice and my knowledge is rather limited. I have changed all my music into Hi-res and I currently have a Bowers and Wilkins P14 set of wireless earphones. Numerous people have told me that using wired earphones with a DAC is the best way to listen to music, but I am unsure which ones to go for. I want earphones rather than headphones and I have a budget of about £250.

The questions I have are:

1. Would wired really be better than wireless, bearing in mind current Bluetooth technology
2. Do you have any recommendations, I have been looking at Shure

Welcome to the forum.
As nobody else has yet relied I will do my best to answer...
1/ Yes, even considering the advances in Bluetooth it still requires a lot of money to be spent integrating it into headphones along with means of powering them meaning less money is spent where it counts.
2/ Plenty, but its your ears so go audition plus you haven't said if you definitely want wired earphones.


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