Newbie Advice DAC or DAP?


Dec 24, 2022
I have been listening to Tidal Masters on my iPhone 13 with a pair of wireless Sony WF1000XM4. It's ok but even with the highly-rated earbuds, it's not the best. Decent but not great sound, the buds are forever falling out, no matter which tips are used.

I want to upgrade my system for listening on the go mainly. But I'm lost in the swamp and need some help. I've read dozens of reviews and am now simply confused. It looks like there are a couple of directions -

iPhone, DAC and a decent set of IEMs

DAP and a decent set of IEMs.

Each time I think I have the story straight in my head, another soundbite knocks me off path.

Budget is around £1,000

Two questions - DAC + iPhone or DAP; and recommendations for each route. You would save my time and eyesight by giving me a decent steer!
If you are purely streaming Tidal from your phone you don't need a DAP, unless you intend to download hires files.
So, phone + DAC and some decent wired IEMs or headphones
Obviously more information about your intended music sources would be helpful but if you only use Tidal get a MQA compatible DAC like the iFi Go Bar.
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