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How to Setup portable speakers

Have you bought a new portable speaker and wondering how to set this thing up? Portable speaker comes in so many different shapes, sizes and prices. Pretty much all the portable speakers have a similar setup. Follow to easy steps below to install your new speakers.

Step 1
Connect power cable to the speaker

Connect one end of the power cable that comes with your speakers to the charging hole. It is advisable to charge the speakers completely before turning them on.


Step 2
Connect the other end of the cable to an adaptor

Your speakers also come with a charging adaptor. Connect the other end of the power cable to the adaptor.


Step 3
Put the device on charge

Connect the adaptor to a power socket to charge your speakers. Wait till the speaker is completely charged.


Step 4
Turn on the speaker

Press the power button on your speaker to switch it on. For some brands, the play/pause button works as the power button.


Step 5
Switch on the WiFi/Bluetooth on your device
Your portable speakers either support
Bluetooth or Wifi connection. Corresponding to that, turn on the WiFi/Bluetooth on the device that you wish to connect to your speakers.


Step 6
Connect to your speakers

Find the name of your speakers on the list of “available device” on your phone/laptop/TV. Click the name and pair your device to the speakers.


Step 7
Play and enjoy

Once your device is connected to the speakers, you can play the media through the speakers. You can use the speaker buttons to control your device.


If you have not bought a portable speaker yet but wish to do so. We recommend that you research well before spending your money.




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