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How to build a starter DJ set-up

The DJ mixer/controller is a very famous way of audio mixing console. In recent years, many people have become interested in building their own DJ kit to enjoy the songs with the stereo effect just at their home. The process is simple and would require a series of basic steps in order to set up your mixer and the track list. Here is how you can connect the speaker’s devices to your DJ mixer and set up your DJ software easily.

‘Step 1’
‘Connect the RCA cables from mixer to the speakers’

There will be two master out socket points at the back of the DJ mixer/controller as shown below. ‘Connect the RCA cables’ , red and white in color can be connected from the two master out ports to the speakers or other audio device.

‘Step 2 ’
‘Connect the laptop to the DJ mixer with the USB cable’
‘Connect your laptop to the DJ mixer/controller device’
with the USB cable as shown below. Once the connection is made, you can view the DJ software settings on your laptop.


‘Step 3’
‘Press the browse button’

To browse the various settings in DJ software and to navigate through the track list, you can ‘Press the browse button’ as shown below.


‘Step 4’
‘Set the Master Sound Level’

To set the overall sound level of your DJ mixer/controller, ‘Set the master sound level tuner’ as shown below to have the sound set to your desired level.


‘Step 5’
‘Press the Load button’

To load a specific song to the DJ software, ‘Press the load’ button as shown below feed the song to the software. Similarly, to remove the song from the DJ software, you can press the ‘Unload’ button.


‘Step 6’
‘Set the trim sound level’

As shown in the figure, based on the level of sound you desire, 'Turn the trim sound level’ button. While doing this, make sure that the cue level for both 1st and 2nd part is set at the highest level.


‘Step 7’
Press the ‘Hot Cue’ button

A hot cue is very important setting to be made in your DJ mixer device. ‘Press the hot cue button’ at any time within a track in order to have the software jump straight to that point and start playing from that. Then click the ‘Play/Pause’ button based on your need.


‘Step 8’
‘Adjust the cue level’

It is important to hold the record right at the point of the first beat. This is often referred to as the cue level. In the DJ mixer/controller device, ‘Adjust the level of cue both for 1 and 2 to be at the highest level as shown below'.


‘Step 9’
‘Adjust the circular disc to fix the tempo’

As the song plays, you can ‘Adjust the circular disc’ to set the tempo of the song. It is very vital to adjust the tempo by moving the circular disc on either side to make sure that the song playing has the expected tempo.


‘You can thus easily set up a started DJ set up by following the above steps carefully’




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