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How To 

How to Set Up Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers


As the world gets more and more wireless day-by-day, your music need not be bound by wires anymore. Bluetooth multimedia speakers allow you to wirelessly connect to a media source and play your favorite music. This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to set up Bluetooth multimedia speakers.

’Step 1’
Plug in the power cable

Plug in your Bluetooth multimedia speaker(s) to a power source. This will switch the speakers on for audio transmission.


‘Step 2’
Turn the Bluetooth on

On your speakers, turn the Bluetooth on by pressing the ‘Bluetooth’ or ‘Pair button’ . Some speakers may require a ‘long press or click of the button’ to enable pairing. Such information will be available on the manual provided with the speakers. Additionally, turn on Bluetooth on your media player device as well. On this device (laptop / phone / tablet etc.), search for your Bluetooth speakers. Once you locate them under devices, press pair or connect. This will connect your speakers to your media player wirelessly.


‘Step 3’
Pair your Bluetooth speakers with the media device

Pair your Bluetooth speakers with your media player device. The device could be a laptop, a phone or an MP3 player, among others. Your Bluetooth multimedia speakers are now ready to play your music.


’Step 4’
Play music from your media device

Play your favorite songs from your media device using the Bluetooth-enabled speakers. You may also use a remote control to adjust speaker settings such as volume. The Bluetooth multimedia speakers are now set up.


You are now all set to enjoy boundless music wirelessly.’



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