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How To 

How to set up a 2.1 speaker system with woofer


There are three ways you can connect an audio source to the subwoofer. You should choose the method based on the ports that are available in your home theater receiver. Subwoofer is essential, when you want to handle the low frequency sounds. The connection can be done through the LFE (Low frequency effects) input port, High level input port and the low-level input port. Here is how you can connect the audio source to the subwoofer in different methods.

‘Step 1’
‘Connect through the LFE input port

The audio source can be connected to the subwoofer by establishing a ‘Connection through the LFE input port’ as shown in the image. This LFE input port is present in most of the home theater receivers using the crossovers.


‘Step 2’
‘Connect through the low-level input port’

This is another method of connecting the audio source to the subwoofer. If your receiver did not have the LFE input port, you can have ‘Connection, two wired from the low-level input ports’ as shown below. In this case, you will need to set the frequency level which is described in the next step


‘Step 3’
‘Set the frequency’

Now, if the connection is through the low-level inputs, then, use the ‘Crossover frequency turner to set the frequency’ based on your desire.


‘Step 4’
‘Connect the speaker wires from the high-level input ports’

This method is used often for two channel speaker set-up. ‘Connect both the speaker wires in the left and right side of the high-level input ports’ as shown in the below image. Remember to do the same for right side as you need to have the two-channel speaker working.


‘Step 5’
‘Set the phase value when you need 2 subwoofers’

Phase switch is critical only when you have 2 subwoofers in your system. If you have only one phase value can be a 0 or 180. If you have two subwoofers, make sure ‘Both the subwoofers don’t have the same value’ . They must be different.


‘You can now easily connect the audio source to the subwoofer by following the above steps’