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How to Set Up a PA System


A public address or PA system amplifies and reinforces your voice and sends it to your audience across any venue, small or large. It is the life of any live concert or public speech. This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to successfully set up a PA system.

‘Step 1’
Connect the speakers to the mixer

Connect all the speakers to the ports at the back of the mixer using speaker twist connectors. The other end of the connector would plug into the back of each speaker. The total number of speakers depends on the application and the size of the event venue. This step links all the speakers, including the main and the monitor speakers, to the mixer.


‘Step 2’
Plug in your microphone

Connect your microphone(s) to the input port(s) in the front of the mixer using ‘XLR cable(s) ’ . Your microphone is now ready to transmit sound to the mixer.


‘Step 3’
Arrange your speakers

Place your speakers such that the audience throughout the venue receives the same level of sound. This placement will depend on the kind of gig and the size of the venue. Your audience will now be able to feel the same soundscape no matter where in the venue they are located.


‘Step 4’
Turn on the PA system

Turn the power switch in the front of the mixer on. Place the microphones at least a couple of inches away from your mouth as you perform. Use the control knobs on the mixer to adjust the volumes of different input microphones. Depending on the model, the mixer can also be controlled wirelessly through a tablet. Your PA system setup is now complete.


“Enrapture your audience with your live performance on this newly set up PA system.”




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