How to set multiple volume controls on a PC

Sep 21, 2022
Hello all,

I liked the Polk Speakers so well, I bought a second pair for my Windows PC. But instead of another MSML AD18A, I bought the Aiyima A07 digital amp.
It is very basic, just a toggle on/off switch and a volume knob. It had a good review in AudioScienceReview.

This PC has a crappy sound card, so I bought a Sabrent USB audio device.
I use VLC Player to play my MP3 and flac music files. I set the volume on this to 100% reasoning that that should not introduce any distortion as it is software only.
The volume knob on the Aiyima amplifier is set at 20. This little amp has plenty of power.

The Polk XT15 speakers are on a computer desk and I sit 3.5 feet away.
Currently listening to Widor Organ Symphony No 3 and I have the PC volume, (Sabrent device) set at 30%. This produces a good sound level. Not too loud, not too low.

But is there a better way to set the three volume controls?

Thanks in advance.
Sep 21, 2022
No. The speakers are not connected to the Sabrent. They are passive speakers connected to the Aiyima digital amplifier.
My question is: should I set the PC volume higher, then correspondingly set the Aiyima volume knob lower, or should I set the PC (Sabrent) volume at a minimal level, say 10%, then set the Aiyima volume knob to my preferred sound level? I think the latter.
Maybe it doesn't matter unless I set the Sabrent volume to 80 or 90%. It is a cheap device, so I expect it to have distortion at the higher settings.
I am a retired computer technician. In the old days lots of my clients used Sound Blaster sound cards. They were loud, but had lots of distortion. Of course, my clients were using them for gaming, so didn't care.
Nowadays it seems the home theater crowd is similar. When I was shopping for a sub-woofer, one Yamaha product actually quoted THD as 10% at maximum volume.
Thanks for the reply


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