How long is the burn-in period?

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Mar 11, 2005
Then can I suggest you take a look at the wikipedia articles and their associated references? If you can't provide sources, then I'd have to say you've got most of what you said wrong.

Incidentally why I asked for sources was so I could check whether I'd misunderstood what I'd been reading - physics at the quantum level is a bit of a mind boggler.

I agree. I'm intrigued by quantum tunneling. Can understand there might be something in the grain boundary theory perhaps. Otherwise it's *just* your opinion.


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Aug 22, 2008
idc:Dan Turner:

I am firmly in the 'burn-in exists' camp - it's not just your ears. Many manufacturers cite this themselves, and I have never heard of a single one stating that burn-in does not exist. I would make sure that any component has had 50 hours of use on it before making any critical judgements.

Don't take our word for it, call up MF and ask what sort of burn-in period they expect before one of their products is on song.

Matrix Hifi, a Spanish site/ forum e-mailed a load of speaker makers and asked about burn in. The replies varied from no burn in, to a good few hours, to audiophiles tell us there is burn in! 76% report no burn in time.

Tests of woofers have found that they do change with use, but they will return to their original state if left unused. That return to the original state can take a few hours or even days. So burn in, as a physical change does happen with woofers and if a woofer is in continued use it will remain burned in. But if is not used it will return to its original state, so the burn in goes away. I have not found similar tests on any other type of speaker.

I have also not found any blind tests for before and after burn in on any hifi product.

Interesting, I have noticed a slight change in the sound presentation of my KEF speakers when returning from holiday but was not aware of this theory.


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Jan 2, 2008
That speakers change shape when in use and when at rest is not a theory, it has been measured. I do accept that this needs more study (which i am not able to do) as I have taken different sources and put them together to reach the conclusion.

However it is backed up by why people report that if they switch off their hifi and return to it after a while, it takes time to 'warm up'. Warming up will be the same as burn in, in that after a short period of time the speaker is at its 'working shape' and then leave it for a while and it returns to its 'resting shape'.

That different speakers take different periods of time to do this also explains why some people report burn in/warm up and others do not.


Wow intresting debate well I,ve just bought a MF M1 DAC conneted via new Atlas cables and it sounds great so if in some weeks later there is any marked improvement I shall inform the forum.

Personnaly I think that some things in life do improve with age and the burn in is possible some people have reported changes and it is very real to them so I go along with that wheather its physcological or a actual physical thing its not easy to pin down but I would think the answer lies somewhere between the two, but as in life the simplest answer is the correct one.


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Jan 18, 2008

Personnaly I think that some things in life do improve with age ...

shoes and patience though I'm still waiting for the latter one.



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