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Aug 27, 2022
Mine consists of a lot of second hand parts except the Denon 3700H. All of my speakers were acquired via personal ads in my area. I also had (bought) Paradigm Atoms (rear Heights) but they were old and needed re foaming... surprise lol, I got sc...
Fronts are Paradigm monitor 7-V4,
Center is also a Paradigm CC-370- V4
Surr. same Co. Esprit V 4
Back same Co. Dipoles ADP 370-V2
Front Heights Cerwin HT Sat 5
Rear Heights were replaced by Edifier P17
And the sub is a Polk audio Psw 10 (should've bought a paradigm)

And this is the room it's all in 17' x 12' x 7'4" in my basement
There's a closet in the back that goes about to the end of the grey panel where all my stuff is, computer, screen, Denon and all my movies.
The Acoustic panels are all Rockwall comfort boards there are foam tiles on the ceiling and those hexagons are felt.. more for deco than acoustic property. Screen is home made 120 inch and the projector is a BenQ unfortunately not 4K. Will replace the screen and projector when this one goes. Hopefully next year. : )
Oh, and the little stand is to put my beer loll ( I should've removed it before the pics)DSC_0004.JPGDSC_0005.JPG
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