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Nov 12, 2014
Slightly fed up of headphones,I am looking for "mini" hifi system so that I can chill out and listen to my favourite music, but there are issues that im hoping you learned folks can advise me on.
Firstly I live in a semi detached property where the listening room will be next to the adjoining property so volume is an issue, I like to "hear" good quality audio as well as enjoying the music itself and find I need a good volume to , say "immerse" myself into the sound, so Is the fact that I need higher volumes to reproduce a "Good" sound, a sign my hearing is fading with age. or would a good quality system reproduce the sound "better" for want of "better" word! . my definition of a good sound is being able to hear the detail in a recording which in my opinion gives that fuller sound.
Secondly "size matters" as they say, our house isnt the biggest and the listening room is the living room, that already has the AV systems inc small micro surround speakers in the corners, so Im looks for small unobtruisve discreet speakers to achieve traditional triangular listening position.
Finally my budget will only stretch to £500, so again thats a factor that limits my choices

I have seen the denon CEOL RCD-N10 (or similar) as a starting point, but its the speaker choice where I need good advice, I really only want to use the USB function to store lossless audio files for playback.

I realise my limitations do limit me on how "good" of a sound I can achieve, but any advice is very much welcome.


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Nov 23, 2007
Something like the Denon you mention would be a good option for your budget and will provide good sound at this level.
I'd warmly recommend pairing it with a pair of Dali Spektor 2s or, if you want to go really small, the Spektor 1s. They are very engaging but affordable, and they are more flexible with regard to positioning due to Dali's wide dispersion design, that makes enjoyable sound possible from a range of seating positions beyond the traditional sweet spot.
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