Hi Fi system with multiple speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello, I'd be grateful for any help or guidance:

* I am looking for a small compact hifi system (CD, DAB, iPod docking) that can play into 2 adjacent rooms
* ie. that will feed 2 pairs of speakers (or possibly 3) not all playing all the time but with the ability to select
* my budget is 500 - 600 pounds
* have had a look at the Sonos but it's probably over the top for what I need - the rooms are small and
adjacent and can easily be cabled
* my initial thoughts were the Onkyo CR515DAB with Tannoy Mercury F1s and the QED SS30 three way speaker switch

Where I've got stuck is:

* will the CR515 take 2 or 3 pairs of speakers (via the switch)
* do I need to be careful with impedance choice
* if not would the CR715
* but is this of the same quality as the CR515
* are there any other options I should be considering ?

Many thanks



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Sep 6, 2007
Hi & welcome

Not sure about small & compact but most Arcam amps offer 2 sets of speakers outputs with the switch to change them on the front so that could be an idea.

With your budget you would be able to pick some good examples off Ebay no problem. Unfortunately Arcam wont be compact but will be able to offer you everything else. Obviously you will need to get a CD player also but again, you'll be able to get a decent one off Ebay or new depending how much you decide to spend.