Happy Xmas - And Thank You


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Sep 17, 2020
Thought I'd post this first and foremost to wish everyone on here a very Merry Xmas and hoping Santa will fill your stockings with gear from Hegal, Naim, Cambridge, Denon, Marantz ... and that's just a few selected suppliers of amps without going into Streamers, DAC's and speaker manufacturers ... which I'm sure his sleigh is carring an abundance.

Here's the thank you part ... I came from a background of always having slightly better equiment than Joe Public who wasn't that bothered about the level of equipment to completely revitalising my love of music, largely due to streaming services / devices and making it so accessible but didn't know the best place to ask for advice.

Changes I've made in a year are and a number of recommendations have come from members on here:

Learning about and purchase of 3 WiiM mini's for streaming
Upgrade / Space saving .... replaced an old AVR being used as an amp with an SMSL AO200 in a Desktop situation
Upgraded speaker wire in 3 listening environments
Trialed a Bluesound Powernode to see how much of an upgrade it was to a Denon M39 DAB ... and kept the Denon but added a WiiM mini streamer.
Tried various speakers with the Denon including B&W 607 Anniversary which I bought and later sold, tested Dali Spektor 2's which were lovely but Elac B5.2's had the edge so bought them and been happy with them for months.

Wanted to upgrade my speakers in the lounge to go with my AVR.
Tried Monitor Audio Silver 300's, didn't quite work out and reading a number of comments about how you need the amp to work with the speakers bought an Arcam SA30 which didn't resolve the problem.

I'm still in the process of auditioning speakers as I haven't found that perfect combo yet and have been a bit of a broken record in terms of repeatedly asking for opinions (Soz) but feel like I'm getting close.

Anyway ... for me a massive number of changes in a year for somone who apart from buying a secondary system 10 years ago hasn't make any changes for 15 years and a HUGE part of what I looked at / considered as alternatives have been suggested here.

Many thanks to each and every one who's contributed to my queries and wishing everyone on here the best Xmas ever, a brilliant 2023 and hoping Santa brings you more HiFi Gear than you could possibly dream of combined with a lesson on hiding the bank statements from the wife.

Have a great one to all :)


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Feb 18, 2022
Happy Christmas to you too, Witterings.

Santa won't be bringing me any hi-fi gear, but I've sold lots this year and use the proceeds to buy pretty much everything in the below system bar the Project, Node and Sennheisers, each of which I've had for some time. I'm happy and content so will enjoy finding time to listen to the music.
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Jun 28, 2015
Trialed a Bluesound Powernode to see how much of an upgrade it was to a Denon M39 DAB ... and kept the Denon but added a WiiM mini streamer.
Hooray! Boo to Bluesound! Sorry, but I really do think they're overrated.
Denon M series fantastic. Once heard an M41 at a posh hand-crafted furniture show where someone had made some furniture grade speakers and they were playing on the end of the M41. Sounded sublime!

Happy Christmas to all!
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