Fixed Projection Screen/Projector Choice?


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Oct 8, 2010
A nice project for the New Year! My in-laws are building a house and, after experiencing my own pull-up screen and surround sound etc, they want to create a dedicated home cinema and music room in their basement.

The room measures approx 6m x 5.5m and will have no natural daylight. (Ceiling height is approx 3m)

I have recommended that they should have a fixed projection screen, which for their dimensions could be approx 3m on the horizontal.

But I'm a little confused on which type/make of screen would be best - ie. what brand, and should they go for the matt white (1.2 gain) or white high contrast screen, or other?? Does it depend on the projector they choose?

After buying my Sony HW15 last year, things have moved on but they don't particularly want 3d - it's going to die a death anyway.

If I assume a total budget of £2.5k for the projector and screen - any ideas and suggestions most welcome.


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Oct 1, 2008
I would opt for a standard gain screen. The latest projectors are all bright enough for the environment you have described assuming the lights are off. The Panasonic PT-AH1000 is our choice of 2D projectors at your pricepoint and is bright enough you could have some lights on.


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