Does the Nad D3020 have a high pass filter?


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Mar 17, 2013
Does the Nad D3020 have a high pass filter? (Page 6 under connectivity)

System evolution is made easy by the inclusion of a

Subwoofer Output complete with an electronic high

pass crossover filter. Adding a powered subwoofer

dramatically elevates the system performance by

reallocating all the power of the D 3020 to midrange/

treble speakers, while consigning the power hungry

bass frequencies to a dedicated amplified woofer.

Cable connected but no subwoofer theres alot of sound under 100hz There’s also a subwoofer output, unusually, an eighth-inch minijack, which engages a 100-hertz low-pass filter when a plug is inserted. There is no high-pass option for the speaker outputs, which utilize solid, five-way binding posts.

Between the picture of the rear of the amp and the remote control (#17)

Hi mrk1283,
Could you please help me understand if my d3020 has a problem or a general bug?
The NAD whitepaper for the d3020 states that when you plug in a sub a high pass filter should activate to the mains, which was confirmed by NAD tech support to be at around 100hz.
However, after I plug in my sub, the mains still reproduce the full spectrum (Wharfdale Diamond 10.4). Tech support suggested to re-flash it, which I did and nothing changed.
Have you had a chance to test this?

What would you say, is there a high pas filter or not?


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Jun 12, 2014
Hi Gasolin.... The posts you linked to are actualy mine.

I connect the sub and no high pass. I was suggested to re-flash it with no results. Don't know what else to do besides returning it.

sadly I've heard nothing from anbody that can help.


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Aug 22, 2015
I just emailed NAD support complaining that they are advertising an important feature on their website (a feature that contributed to me buying the D3020) that doesn't actually exist.

I would love to see some crude bass management actually implemented with a firmware update. Even fixed @70 or 80Hz would be fine, or preferably 3 "step" options (60, 80, 100Hz?).

Perhaps if enough people express dissatisfaction with NAD's false advertising they might bother to fix it. Anyone else wish their D3020 did what it claimed to do?


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Jul 16, 2013
Mine clearly does have the high pass filter. The only component that I recently changed in my system was the amplifier. I kept the subwoofer settings the way they were with the old amp and there was a noticeable change in the bass character. Increasing the volume did not help, so I sent an e mail to NAD asking for clarification.

Their response follows:

The crossover rolls in/out and is not a hard "shelf" EQ. We would recommend that you start with a sub setting at around 120Hz and adjust to suit the room, and it's position in the room.

My setting with the old amp was around 70Hz and I moved it to around NAD recommended 120Hz. The dial is probably not very accurate either as 70Hz or 120Hz but there was immediate and significant improvement in how the low end has been reproduced.

Unless I am missing something, to me this is a clear indication that the D3020 is sending all the lower frequencies (or most of the lower frequencies) to the sub.

There was a very audible iprovement of the SQ as a result of the amp change and I tend to believe that I owe that to the high pass filter of the D3020 and overall high SQ of the D3020.



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