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Aug 10, 2019
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I'd be happy to go larger but my better half doesn't want them taking over the room. An age old hi-fi problem no doubt!

My plan is to get something similair in size to a Bose acoustimass(i.e a subwoofer and two small speakers), but without the mark up for the sake of a Bose system, which I understand is no great shakes when it comes to the sound anyway.

I have a cambridge audio amp to power the speakers, and plan on getting an Apple tv to add Airplay capability. I'll also be running the output of our hdtv through them.

My budget is around £300-£400 for the speakers.

Any suggestions appreciated!


I cant think of any speakers or systems that are similar to that size

However what about an all in one system such as the Marantx CR603 - Already comes with everythong and AirPlay is currently free to download - All it needs is either a cabled ethernet connection or a wireless ethernet connection like I use and some good speakers and you're off!

Sell the C/A amp and maybe take a look at some decent 2nd hand speakers such as the Monitor Audio BR2's or, if you need smaller, the Tannoy F1 Custom's etc...

I know it's over budget but its a system that once youve got it; it'll be hard for you to upgrade as it's got all thats needed and sounds bloomin fantastic to boot


Thanks for the advice hifilover, that sounds like a great setup. In this situation though I'm willing to sacrifice sound quality a little in favour of keeping things low profile. I'll keep on looking, there must be something out there!

What is the general consensus on soundbars round here? Another way to compromise in the name of space, I know. I wonder if they're ok for stereo music aswell as home cinema.


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