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Mar 9, 2016
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I have an LG OLED 65E6V television and have just paired it with a Denon AVR-X2300W receiver. I connected the Receiver and TV as instructed via HDMI (ARC). I also connected an Optical link from the TV to the Receiver's Digital Audio IN 1 TVAUDIO (not sure whether I was supposed to do this but the cable was already coming from the rear of TV from a previous set up!).

I then followed the Denon’s ONSCREEN SETUP ASST. I connected my Humax (OSN) satellite set top box with no problems, connecting it via HDMI to the CAB/SAT HDMI 4K IN port on the Receiver. I set up my Bluray Player as instructed via HDMI to BLURAY port on Receiver. so far, so good but then I hit problems - I tried to connect my 4K Bein satellite set top box and Wii - how do I connect these?

I thought that there may be a problem with the Bein box so I removed the Humax (OSN) box from the system and connected the 4K Bein box via the same connections - still no picture. However I can get audio and video if I connect Bein direct to my LG TV’s HDMI IN socket!!

Then I tried to connect the Wii via the GAME setup and can only get audio.

Obviously I am doing something wrong but what is it? All my HDMI cables are new and HDMI2.


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You don't say which input you used for the Bein and wii. Page 173 shows that you can use any input and rename it to suit your needs. Page 171 shows how to assign a connector to a particular source and also note the reference to page 174 at the bottom of 171.


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