Brand new technics 1210 mk2 pair


Jun 3, 2022
Hello everyone. I have found a pair of techincs 1210 mk2 boxed and unopened in my dad's loft and I opened one up to take a look and they are literally brand new. At this point my OCD perfection side kicked in and started to wonder just what these were worth and if I should even sell them. I have unboxed them to be absolutely sure and they haven't got so much as a water mark on them. Everything from the leads with original tie bands, rubber slipmats and not a finger print in sight. I have Googled the serial number and they made in 2004. Can anyone please advise me what I should do in terms of selling, or holding on to them if they will be worth keeping hold of. I just want to make the best possible choice. I would love to keep hold of them but genuinely think they will just be sealed back up and placed back in the loft for 20 years. Thank you so much
Welcome, and thanks for starting a new thread.
That's a good find.
keep one of you intend starting a vinyl set-up would be my opinion, and sell the other.
There are numerous hifi for sale sites or either Gumtree and eBay.
Price that they have obtained in the past can be found on eBay and doing a Google search of sale sites but unfortunately you are only going to get what someone is prepared to pay.
You will need to check whether they are still functional, do they have cartridges fitted?
I wouldn't consider keeping them unless you intend to use one as the price will go down and they will deteriorate slowly.


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