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Forum discussion tagged with technics.
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    Amp to replace Technics SU-V1X?

    Hi, My 35 year old Technics integrated amp SU-V1X (40 watts/channel into 8Ω) is probably past it's best, although still pretty good. I read reviews and have tried some amps that are available here where I live. First I tried Rega Elicit-R (105 watts/channel into 8Ω) but the treble really hurt...
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    Technics SL-B202 with Marantz “head” and Shure (?) M75MG stylus - bad for vinyl?

    Hi, We bought a secondhand turntable as described above. I’m wondering if the combination is bad for my records? Quite tinny treble that even hurts my ears quite often. Afraid I don’t know much about turntables, but remember that most of my records used to sound nicer than this.
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    Headshell choice for Nagaoka MP-200? OEM or Technics?

    I'm wanting to plunge into the world of vinyl, and was looking to pickup a Technics 1210 turntable, and a Nagaoka MP200 cartridge. Should I get the OEM pre-mounted headshell with it, or save $100 and use the Technics headshell? What's the advantage of the OEM Nagaoka pre-mounted headshell over...