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  1. O

    Brand new technics 1210 mk2 pair

    Hello everyone. I have found a pair of techincs 1210 mk2 boxed and unopened in my dad's loft and I opened one up to take a look and they are literally brand new. At this point my OCD perfection side kicked in and started to wonder just what these were worth and if I should even sell them. I have...
  2. niceguy_jay

    About KEF LS50 wireless(MK1 = LS50 wireless 1, MK2 = LS50 wireless 2???)

    Hello~ I have KEF LS50 wireless 1 (Not wireless 2) I heard that it has 2 kinds models.(MK1 and MK2) How can i distinguish them? model name? shape? back cover? serial number? (MK1 = LS50 wireless 1, MK2 = LS50 wireless 2, Am i right?) Thanks in advance.