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  1. Azulan

    Newbie hobbyist with trouble.

    Hello Everyone! I bought my first turntable a couple years ago because i already collected vinyl as art and wanted to listen to them later. now i'm getting more serious with good sound quality and bought myself a Sansui qrx-3000 reciever. it looks absolutely stunning and sounds a lot better...
  2. P

    Old or New

    Hi, I bought a second hand Technics SL-Q2 turntable with a Ortofon VMS 20E MkII cartridge a couple of years back, previous owner had it from new, I use it with my equally old Pioneer A656 Mk 2 amplifier. All been good although I'm far from an expert. As I've started collecting lots more brand...
  3. Maddie

    Question upgrades for AT-LPW40WN?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what I can upgrade in my modest system to improve vinyl sound. I'd like to hear your all's input . Should I upgrade the stock AT-VM95E cartridge or get a phono preamp to use instead of the built in? My system: Denon AVR-S570BT, Polk Audio RTi A1's, and of course...
  4. lgbern

    Best turntable under 400€

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for good turntables. I was decided to buy an Audio Technica AT-LPW50PB but reading this forum people prefered Rega over AT. I'd like to know your opinion... I've looked different models of Project (Rega is over +400€ with preamp included), Project Juke Box and Project...
  5. A

    Review Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

    I recently purchased a Pro-Ject T1 turntable from a well know Hi-Fi store at a discount price due to the packaging being opened. The reviews for this turntable are very good but I wanted to know if the turntables cartridge could be upgraded to a better one at a later date. The sales assistance...
  6. cjeggett

    Help finding the right needle

    Hello, apologies for what might be a quite simple question for many of you (I hope!). I am looking to replace the needle for my Sony PS-LX4. The last time I did this was about 15 years ago, and I'm no longer able to just pop to the local hi-fi shop (as it no longer exists, and I am no longer...
  7. F

    Question Pro-Ject X2 vs Rega Planar 6

    Hi, I'm trying to choose between the Pro-Ject X2 (without balanced outputs) and the Rega Planar 6 (only between one of this turntables and new; nothing more and nothing in 2nd hand). At the moment i own the Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 and the amp is a Micromega IA-400 (that i probably will replace in...
  8. jellypulp

    philips ag9016 Phono or Turntable connecting

    Hello! I bought a philips ag9016 and he has modified Chinch - Cable output. Could I connect it with my Turtable? Or how. could I doo it? Because I saw a lot of Youtube Videos, where People where listening with Turntables. Thanks for the Help and your Time :) Felix
  9. O

    Brand new technics 1210 mk2 pair

    Hello everyone. I have found a pair of techincs 1210 mk2 boxed and unopened in my dad's loft and I opened one up to take a look and they are literally brand new. At this point my OCD perfection side kicked in and started to wonder just what these were worth and if I should even sell them. I have...
  10. A

    Question Possible Turntable/Speaker Setup?

    So I've been wanting to come up with a setup for my turntable/speaker and other media. I created a little layout of a possible setup so i can have all my media things together, and I was wondering if it's ok to put a central channel speaker underneath a turntable (wood barrier in between; part...
  11. Jenjen

    what combination to take?

    Hello, I'm an amateur in listening music but anyway I love it. I'm collecting lp's for few years now and I decided finally to buy a turntable. I'm a beginer, don't know much about systems, thats I would kindly ask for help. At first I wanted vintage turntable, since I'm a lover of older nice...
  12. W

    Turntable (and Setup) Question

    Hello and happy new year! I am a newbie, looking to finally make a deliberate purchase of a nice turntable and a good home audio setup with which to enjoy it. I'm hoping some folks on here could help answer a couple of questions or share any advice you may have for someone in my position. My...
  13. Youngsoulrebel

    Question Total beginner looking for advice for first hi-fi purchase

    Hello, I'm looking at purchasing my first hi-fi set up and wanted to reach out for some expert advice. I'm a music fan above all else and I'm looking for a set up that will sound great with the minimal amount of set up and after care. I live in quite a populated area with neighbours attached...
  14. B

    Pre amp or power amp hum issues

    Hi guys. Cyrus system and project debut 2 turntable. Never had issues untill I added 2 power amps and bi amped now i seem to get excessive hum on the phone channel. Speakers too close to the phono stage or turntable? Or is there a simple fix I'm missing
  15. K

    Which Turntable for Cambridge Audio Evo 75?

    I am looking to purchase the Cambridge Audio Evo 75 with B&W 603 S2 Speakers, however is there any way to connect a decent turntable to this as only the Evo 150 seems to have phono inputs. Your recommendations on turntable / set up are much appreciated. Or should I just go for the Evo 150? Thank...
  16. A

    Question Need some suggestion for my turntable set

    Hi there, I am planning get a new turntable set. The turntable would be Pro-Ject DC EVO. The phono preamp would be Pro-Ject Phono box DC or MM, if needed. I am thinking about B&W 607 as speakers. Need suggestion for amp or receiver? The budget is better below $500. PS: expecting new not...
  17. Ollie

    Question Amp suggestions for Pioneer PLX-500 and Denon tape deck

    Hi folks, I'm using the Pioneer PLX-500 turntable with Pioneer DM-40 speakers, and today picked up an inexpensive Denon DRM-500 tape deck. The speakers are powered and include a 3.5mm and RCA inputs so I can directly connect the turntable and tape deck to them simultaneously, however I'm stuck...
  18. akerbe7

    Question Help finding Cartridge and Needle for Sony PS-T22

    Hello, I'm an amateur Hi-Fi enthusiast and I've owned a turntable for the past 5 years. Right now I am using a Sony PS-T22 direct drive turntable. I bought it refurbished with a QLM 30 MK III stylus. I am looking for something that will sound a bit better as I know that my speakers are capable...
  19. M

    Question Help. £1000 for a record player system with amp and speakers?

    A friend of mine who has zero equipment has asked me to set him up with a record player system for £1000 but I am getting conflicting opinions on how best to spend the money. One is to spend £500 on a turntable make it the star and then £250 a piece on amp and speakers but other people are...
  20. T

    Issues with new P6/Ania Pro

    I just upgraded my 2005 Rega P3/Elys2 for a new Rega PL6 with the Ania Pro cartridge. Running it through a Vincent PHO-700 phono amp (MM/MC) and into a Naim Uniti Atom, and out of a pair of Rega RS5 speakers. I set the TT up, levelled it, balanced the tone arm, set VTF to 1.75g with the tonearm...