Big sound for a big picture ?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All,

In the next few months I am hoping to purchase a projector. Likely candidates will be either AE3000, AE4000 or HD350. I anticipate the screen will be in the region of 80"-100" diagonal (2.35:1).

I am also on the hunt for a Hi-Fi system (and a new kitchen) so I need to balance the available budget between all three (and no, I can't make do with a camping stove!).

It is likely Hi-Fi and cinema will be in different rooms....... as will the kitchen.

I am looking at a choice of three levels of audio to go with the projector. (examples):

1) Denon 1910 with Q Acoustics 2000. (preferred due to cost)

2) Denon 2310 with B&W 685 theatre. (happy to buy)

3) Pioneer LX82 with RX6 AV minus sub. (would be chuffed to buy but would need to wait two years for new Hi-Fi)

My question would be: which level would give an appropriate sense of scale to match the picture? The room is gunna be an irregular shape but will approximate to 4m x 3m. My son loves movies like Hulk, Spiderman, Transformers etc so action movies will be the staple diet.

I will of course demo but would prefer some pointers so the time spent demo-ing is most productive.

Thank you.


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Aug 20, 2008
If you hurry, you could get some good deals on the outgoing Monitor Audio RS6 and RS Centre plus 2 cheaper style speakers, i.e KEF or B&W for rears. Using a Denon AV amp with the RS speakers should get a good tonal balance. Add a BK XLS200 sub (£300) as and when you can.


Thank you pete321,

Are you suggesting that the other options will sound a bit weedy or just a way to save some money?


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