Search for a simple but good CD player for a Rotel amplifier


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Mar 13, 2024
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dear hi-fi enthusiasts,
I have another purchasing dilemma.
I'm looking for a nice, not too expensive CD player to connect to my Rotel A14 mkII. Just to be able to play the old CDs again. It does not have to be super quality, but it must do justice to the Rotel amplifier.
I have already done a bit of searching and came across two nice options.
First of all, I could of course go for a Rotel CD player because it naturally fits well with the amplifier. I have my eye on the "Rotel CD-11 Tribute" because it is for sale somewhere for a very good price.
But as a second choice I have the "Denon DCD-900NE" in mind. Although a different brand than my amplifier, but according to some it is also a reasonably good CD player at a competitive price.
Does anyone have any good arguments for either one to make my choice easier?


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Nov 16, 2021
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Or if don’t mind second hand, find a DVD player for a 10er (pioneer 565) and hook up to the digital output of your amp. Might look a bit different but will sound the same as any other cd transport. Food for thought a no brainer in my mind
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Apr 8, 2024
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Doesn't matter at all which one,as long as it has digital out

You have a dac in your amp you can use if the cdplayer doesn't sound good
I second that. Personally, I wouldn't even spend that much on the CD-player as you plan to. As long as you connect it digitally and your amp's DAC is used, there is no need to spend more than around 50-70 dollars for a simple Philips or Sony player with CD function. Though I would probably spend a hundred bucks more for improved functionality, not sound (because it will be the amp that makes or breaks the sound when connected digitally).


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I wanted a faster cdplayer since my yamaha cd-s300 was slow

I found a black denon cdplayer for 100 euros i think, it works as it should and when i compare tidal or my tt to my cdplayer (volume match) my denoen cdplayer sounded much brighter, so i used my built in dac in my amp and got a more neutral sound

Just get one that matches the look of your amp with digital out, i would stay away from a dvd player since most i have used i find to be slow, things like it takes a little time to open and close the tray and to play a cd


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