Kitchen Ceiling Speakers


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Aug 17, 2007

I am after a bit of advise. I am currently having an extension built for a kitchen/lounge area (about 13M x 5M). I am going to put in some ceiling speakers and have run cable to have 6 spread across the area. Following some reading I have purchased the Sonos amp (already heavily tied into Sonos) and plan to use that as a single zone for the 6 speakers.

The question is around which speakers. As much as I like the Sonos in ceiling speakers and the review are good, I just can't justify spending that amount of money when it could be better spent elsewhere. I have seen the. Polk RC80i (around £215 a pair) which seems to get good reviews, I just wanted to see if anyone has any experience of these? They will mainly be used for music, but also plan to use the ARC for some TV (probably sports).

Any help or alternative options would be appreciated.



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